Advanced Wash Refill Bundle

Top up with our 3-pack of Advanced Wash Refills. This trio contains 78 loads of Advanced Wash at a cost per load of 40c. Designed for odour control Advanced Wash will leave your clothes smelling green, clean and fresh.

Refill pack condition

Nonionic Surfactants, Anionic Surfactants, Alkaline Salts, Organic Enzymes, Antimicrobial Agent, Field Notes Natural Origin Fragrance with Essential Oil Galbanum, Preservatives

Included products

3x Advanced Wash Refill Packs, 450mls each

How to use

  • Suitable for washing most fabrics
  • Pretreat any heavy duty stains with an extra squirt straight onto soiled fabric, or our stain remover.
  • Add 4 - 5 pumps (14 - 17.5mls) to the drawer of your washing machine. If you have a top loader, add the detergent to the base of your machine before you put your clothes in.
  • 40 degrees is optimal for performance, however Dirt will work at colder temperatures with only a mild performance difference.

Shipping & Returns

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We also have 100% satisfaction policy. If you're not happy with our product, it can be sent back for a refund.

About Advanced Wash

Designed for odour control, our formula leans on the latest sustainable science to leave your clothes with a lasting freshness. It can be used on everything, although it's a particularly perfect blend for activewear, work wear and dark clothes that typically foster faster bacteria growth and hold onto smells more than regular washing.

Like all our products Advanced Wash is formulated with plant based and organic cleaning ingredients. Unlike our original laundry formula, it contains an organic anti-bacterial agent that will prevent bacterial growth in your clothes and help control bad smells.

If odour control and lovely freshly scented clothing is what you're after, this one's for you.

What it Smells Like

Advanced Wash contains a Natural Origin scent; Field Notes.

It's deeper and greener than your standard laundry detergent smell, more akin to a modern perfume than a cleaning product.

Its top notes are Fig Tree Leaves, Bergamot, Amber and Lemon and it contains Galbanum Essential Oil. It's a clean, green and fresh scent that reminds us of an untamed wildflower field in bloom.

We make products that do less harm, a better choice.


How many loads in each Refill pack?

There are approximately 26 loads in each refill pack with a total of 78 loads in the 3-pack.

How many pumps do I need per wash?

We recommend 5 pumps per load which equates to 17.5 mls. This is based on a standard 8.5kg front loader.

You can adjust up or down based on how full your machine is.

What's the difference between Advanced Wash, Original Laundry, and Wool and Delicate Wash?

Our Advanced Wash was designed with a little extra punch, especially when it comes to odour control with the addition of an antimicrobial agent.

Original Laundry was created for your general laundry needs, with pure yet powerful performance and a more subtle scent for sensitive noses.

Our Wool and Delicate Wash is exactly what it sounds like, a gentle and high-performing formula made for your most precious threads like wools and silk.

What makes Advanced Wash good at removing odours?

It contains an antimicrobial agent which breaks down malodours and prevents growth – perfect for activewear, workwear and darker clothes that typically foster faster bacteria growth and hold onto smells more than other garments.

Can I use this in auto-dosing machines?

Yes, you can! But heads up, you should dilute it 1:1 with water first.

Does Advanced Wash work in front and top loaders?

Yes it does!

The difference between front and top loading detergent is that top loading detergent generally contains more bubbling ingredients. Bubbles have nothing to do with the quality of the wash, it's related to the way they make people feel when they’re washing. Historically, manufacturers believed that more bubbles made people feel it was a ‘cleaner’ clean. Yep, true story.

If you use some top loading detergents in a front loader, they'll bubble too much, and reduce the quality of the wash (because too many bubbles will make it really difficult for your machine to create the friction it needs to wash clothes effectively).

So, if you see a detergent that’s suitable for front and top loaders, it'll indicate that there's no extra bubbling agent.

The other difference between the two machines is the amount of water each uses. Your detergent dosage should be measured based on the amount of clothes, and the amount of water the machine needs to wash them. As there's a big variation in the type of wash and machine (top loaders use nearly double the amount of water a front loader does), it's difficult for us to recommend the exact right amount. Some manufactures bottle the same detergents separately to make the dosage clear. Our dosage recommendation is for an 8kg front loader, so you should be perfectly fine using it at the recommended amount!

Will Advanced Wash work in hot and cold water?

Absolutely! Warmer water actually helps most detergents (including ours) perform better by opening up the fibres in the fabric.

At 20°C, you'll have a reduced performance by an average of 15% (it varies depending on the depth of the stain). As we’re a super high performing detergent, especially when it comes to stain removal, we recommend you wash lighter soiled loads in cold water and spot treat isolated stains. For anything that’s smellier or sweatier with general grime, we recommend upping the temperature to 40°C.