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"Oh my gosh I actually love this stuff!
I have been using the liquid for a while and recently purchased the powder boost - this stuff is magic! I soaked some whites that had set in blood and sweat stains, some items that were destined for the bin as they had been washed and pre washed with another brand numerous times. With your booster they came up new!! So impressed, thank you 🙏 "

- Lousie M

"Best ever stain remover!! I own a recycle Boutique and I’m always washing and trying to get stains out so the clothes can be reused. This is the best stain remover ever. I love it."

- Rowena from Magpie Conscious Collective Perth W.A.

"Beautiful product! Bought the starter kit originally and now the bulk refill. Good looking quality dispensers. The detergents are quality. Return packaging was my original motive for buying but I got so much more than I expected. Extremely happy."

- Jacqueline C

"I am loving my new laundry products! The Advanced wash laundry liquid does an awesome job for our family of four very active adults. I love the reduced packaging, the glass bottles on my laundry shelf look lovely - and even my husband has commented on how great the clean washing smells!"

- Allison B

"Easy to use, beautiful scent, effective and so pleased with the low environmental impact with packaging".

- Dee Maguire