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We’ve been banging on about it for a while now, the cost per load price of laundry detergent. “Yawn, I just buy what's on sale", we hear you think. 
That was us too, until we were tasked with working out how to package a product to ensure our customers, and the environment were getting the best deal. 
Our research took us to the supermarket aisle, where we discovered that if you’re buying cheap - you’re most probably getting the worst deal of the lot. 

Here’s a receipt from Woolworths last week (20/06/2017). We purchased the smallest (cheapest) size of three of the most popular liquid laundry detergents on the market. Two of the three were marked on sale, but as we discovered when we lifted the tag - they most definitely were not. Pays to stay savvy.  
For Ecostore, we paid $9.99 for 28 loads. 36c per load. 

For Omo, we paid $10.00 for 20 loads. 50c per load. 

For Radient, we paid $6.00 for 18 loads 33c per load. 
In a pack of 3 Dirt refill packs, we charge $29.95 for 90 loads. 0.33c per load.

And that’s delivered to your door. So, there you have it, the laundry maths that helped us land our claim: "Approximately cheaper than what you probably pay".
Now obviously, these prices represent a point in time, they are not a conclusive analysis. Luck for us, Choice, do actually conduct a more thorough analysis on our industry. 
If you want a complete run down on cost per load, take a look at this graph. If you average out the cost of all the liquids in the chart, you get an average cost per load of 0.39c. 
Again, still winning with Dirt. Happy washing smarty clean pants. 
*Disclaimer:  As you increase your purchase quantity, you decrease your cost. That is true for everyone, including us. 

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