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Hiding the true cost of laundry is an cleaning aisle specialty. 
On average, we package each load of detergent using 0.2g of plastic. Because there is so much water in such thick containers, the average supermarket liquid detergent requires nearly 4.42 g of plastic PER LOAD. 
But heaps of excess packaging is not the only dirty laundry we're hanging out to dry today. 
Cost per load in the most conventional sense, is perhaps the best kept secret of all. It's done by not disclosing the dose of the detergent, making it impossible for you to discern how much you're paying each time you turn the machine on. 

April 2021, we headed to the shops and then back to the factory to break down the cost of each detergent. 
Brand  Price  Cost per load 
Earth Choice  $12  $0.30
Dynamo  $20 $0.55
Omo $22 $0.56

For a bulk pack we charge $59.95, for 210 loads.
That's $0.28 per load, delivered. 

Yes, it's a slightly higher cost to get started with our starter pack because you're getting your lifelong dispenser bottle, but still it's only $0.35 per load for all that goodness. 

Stay vigilant people. Cost can be measured in more ways than one, but either way with Dirt, you'll be coming out on top. 


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