When it comes to saving money in the laundry, nothing beats Dirt. While many liquid laundry detergent brands are full of water, our ultra-concentrated formula isn’t. 

Packaged in a reusable glass refill dispenser bottle, you can measure the exact amount of detergent you need with zero waste – that means, no more spillage and more money going down the drain. 

But if you want to get into the nitty gritty and truly reduce your washing expenses, it’s important to look into the only true economic metric in laundry – cost per load. This refers to the cost it takes to do one load of laundry.

Comparing Cost Per Load

Let’s say you wash three loads of laundry per week, amounting to 156 loads per year, we want to show you the true cost of what you’re paying with us versus the supermarket brands. 



How did we crunch the numbers? Well, we started our research at Woolworths on April 3, 2024, and purchased Dynamo, OMO, Biozet and Ecostore full price in their regular and bulk sized packs. We then calculated their individual cost per load and multiplied it by three (loads of washing per week), and again by 52 (weeks). And the results speak for themselves. 

Clearly, buying bulk is more economical, no matter what the brand. Not to mention a more sustainable choice as you’re using less plastic. However, what stands out is the massive difference in cost per year when you compare us to the supermarket brands. With the cost of living at a staggering high, there’s no better time to make the switch to a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. Hint: yep, that’s us.


A Closer Look: Dirt Vs Supermarket Brands 

Based on 156 loads a year, we calculated the total cost per year of the supermarket brands vs us, using regular and bulk size products. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers… 

Regular size


Cost per load

Total cost
















Based on the $94.30 average cost per year of the supermarket brands (regular size), you would save $47.02 a year if you made the switch to Dirt. 

Bulk size


Cost per load

Total cost

Dynamo Bulk



Omo Bulk






Ecostore (concentrate)



Dirt Bulk



Based on the $70.34 average cost per year of the supermarket brands (bulk size), you would save $25.81 a year if you made the switch to Dirt. 

Bigger is better

At Dirt, we offer a 3l bulk size refill of our Original Laundry Detergent because we believe it’s the most economical and environmental way to buy detergent at only 29c per load, with 210 loads per pack.

Our price is low because we don't ship you water (instead, our detergent is 8x ultra-concentrated), and we don't pass our margins onto the supermarket majors. While competitor costs can be offset by supermarket discounting, we've always thought the more decent thing to do is to set a value driven price and keep it consistent. And while we love laundry, we know it’s not on the top of everyone’s priority list. This way, you can rest easy, stock up and clean your clothes all year ‘round without compromising your budget or the planet – now that feels good! 

And there you have it, the true cost per load of your favourite laundry detergent brands and why Dirt is your number one choice when it comes to saving money and helping the environment.

One Last Thing - Plastic Per Load

While we're on the topic of cost per load, we'd be amiss not to mention perhaps the most mind-boggling statistic of all - the environmental costs.

Have a look at the below plastic cost per load of the generic sized supermarket bottle, compared to a refill pack.  Boy do we absolutely knock it out of the park in this department.  

Plastic per load  Bottle Weight  Loads 
2L Bottle 4.9g 196g 40
450ml Refill  0.62g  20g 32

And this is not including the fact that more than 50% of the refill packs we send are on their second life or third life.

Cost per load can be measured in more ways than one, but we urge you to please stay vigilant in the laundry - it can be quite sticky business! 

Frankie Layton