Refill Return

A closed loop system

Our Refill, Return program closes the loop, at no expense to you or the planet.

Our Refill Return Program

The planet shouldn’t pay excess for your clean clothes, and neither should you. That’s why we have a free and easy refill return program that’ll help clean up the planet while you wash.

With the help of thousands of customers already participating, we have already prevented a remarkable amount of waste.

Returning your refills in three easy steps

A match designed to last forever

Dispenser bottles

Made from glass and drop - protected with silicone bumpers, our dispenser bottles are made classy, and made to last. They can be refilled an infinite number of times and you never have to worry about plastic degradation or leaching micro plastics.

These contain 33 loads. They come full as individual dispenser bottles, or discounted as part of a starter pack.

Refill packs

Refill packs are a great alternative to plastic jugs, using on average 80% less plastic for the same weight product. Our refill packs are made with a minimum of 30% post industrial waste, so you can give yourself a big double pat on the back.

These refill packs come in standard size (450ml) in bundles of three, or bulk size (3L).

Refill Return Program FAQs

Am I a part of the program?

You will automatically be a part of the program unless you ‘opt out’.

What are the refill packs made from?

Our standard refill packs are made from a minimum of 30% post industrial recycled waste and virgin plastic.
Currently, our bulk refill packs are made from virgin plastic, as we work to find a recycled alternative that is durable enough to withstand our Refill Return Process and carrying 3L of detergent to our customers time and time again.

On a per load basis, bulk refill packs still consume less plastic than standard size.

What do I need to do now that I am a part of the program?

You will receive a free envelope every third order. All you need to do is save up your refill packs and send them back once you have met the minimum. These are reply paid, you do not need to cover any shipping on top of this.

What are the minimum refill packs to send back at one time?

Please ensure to send back at least 4 standard refill packs or 1 bulk refill. This ensures our carbon footprint is minimal while also making it worth your while.

How do I pack the envelope?

Great question, and fundamental to our program’s success.

Please send a minimum of 4 standard refills pack / 1 bulk refills packs at a time. The standard refill packs should be laid flat with spouts in the corner of the envelope. The bulk refill packs should be folded in half. Please only send us Dirt refill packs. The refill packs you send back are to be sanitised, filled up and sent back to our customers, so we do not accept packaging from other brands.

When should I expect to receive a free reply paid envelope?

Any customer who has emailed to sign up to the program before the 17th of May will have received a free envelope with every third order. From 17th of May, all customers will now receive a free envelope on every third order. If your order has been missed please reach out to us here.

When should I expect to receive reused pouches?

As we grow, we often experience a shortage of reused refill packs, especially the bulk sized packs, and stain remover packs. We will endeavour to make sure you have received a reused pack by your fourth order.

Can I drop off my pouches to you directly?

Absolutely, you can find our address here.

How many times do the refills go through the program?

Our refill packs are designed to go through the program for a minimum of 4 times but we’re hoping to push this as we grow. Any refill packs that do not meet our quality checks currently go to TerraCycle to be fully recycled.

How are the refill packs sanitised?

We quality check them for leaks and faults. We then wash them thoroughly, dry them completely, mark them with a sticker to keep track of their journey, and then refill them.

I cannot wait until my next third order. Can I buy reply paid envelopes now?

Absolutely. You can buy reply paid envelopes anytime here.

Can I send back my delicate detergent and stain remover refill pouches as well?

Yes, any Dirt refill packs are included in our program.

Do I get a discount for sending the refills back?

You get a mighty good feeling for doing the right thing. We do not offer a discount for sending back our refill packs, except for the free reply paid envelopes.

How do I opt out of the program?

You’re more than welcome to opt out of the program at any time. Just let us know by reaching out to us here.