In a world where our choices carry an environmental impact, there's a hidden power in our laundry: the ability to save not just our time and money but also our clothes and the planet.

The key? A simple shift in our laundry habits: Wash everything a bit less, spray everything a bit more.

Did you know that up to 80% of a garment's environmental footprint stems from washing and drying? It's a staggering revelation, one that begs for a new approach to caring for our clothes.

Enter: The No Wash Club.

no wash club

A movement aimed at reducing the ecological impact of our laundry routines.

The first rule of the No Wash Club: wash less. It's a mantra that might seem radical at first, particularly from a company that only sells laundry detergent, but it's a small change that yields significant results. Each load of laundry uses approximately 85L of water. By just doing one less load a week, you could save 4,420L per year.

The principle is straightforward: wear more, wash less. But how does one practically implement this rule?

Let's break it down by garment type.

Wear Six Times or More

Certain clothing items, like jeans, wool jumpers, and jackets, are the champions of longevity. The Official No Wash Club Rules advocate for a minimum of six months before the first wash for jeans.

Wool jumpers can be refreshed with fabric spray for scent and a simple wipe for spills, lasting an entire season. Technical rain-proof jackets require minimal washing, preserving their functionality and form.

no wash club jeans

Wear 3-5 Times

Jumpers and dress pants - being on the more delicate side of things in terms of fabric; infrequent washing is their best friend. Spot tackle stains as they come, spray when things start to get a little too smelly, and try to keep these ones out of the dirty clothes basket for as long as you can.

Pajamas and bras, due to their low exposure to the outside world, can go a lot longer than you think without going into the machine. In addition to a post-swim rinse, swimwear can be saved from wash cycles and slow down the speed in which they lose their elastic integrity overtime.

It's a balance between wear and care that extends the lifespan of your clothes without compromising hygiene.

no wash club swimwear

Wear at Least 2 Times

Shirts, leggings, and dresses fall into this category. With proper care and minimal exposure to sweat or stains, these garments can be comfortably worn multiple times before needing a wash. Delicate fabrics, especially in dresses, thrive when given the chance to breathe and rest between wears.

Shirt Fabric Spray No Wash Club

Always Wash

Certain items, like underwear, activewear, T-shirts, and undershirts, require regular laundering due to bacteria and sweat. While these garments demand frequent cleaning for hygiene purposes, optimising the wear of other clothing like undershirts offsets the overall laundry load.

By following these guidelines and rethinking our approach to laundry, we not only conserve water, energy, and resources but also extend the lifespan of your clothing.

Embracing the No Wash Club philosophy isn't a trend; it's a genuine conscious choice towards a more sustainable wardrobe, a more sustainable laundry, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

So wash less, spray more, and feel a lot better about doing a lot less.

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Frankie Layton