Do more for the planet: 
Wash less.

Did you know that up to 80% of the environmental impact created by a garment of clothing comes from the laundry? There’s the carbon use, the water use and the detergent use - all things that make a negative dent on our planet. 

Now, please hear us - there is absolutely nothing we love more than clean clothes. The best way to win the day is to pop on something fresh  and fabulous that makes you feel ready to go. 

But if there is something we love more than clean clothes, it would be the sport of reducing our impact on the planet. 

So, you can only imagine the buzz around the office when we found a way to reduce impact EVEN MORE than our low impact product already does, without compromising clean the clean clothes promise. 

Very high vibes. 

Without further ado, please give a sparkling, delicious, clean welcome to our all new Fabric Spray.

Fabric Spray in Ice

Made with probiotic odour removal technology (the first of its kind on the market), designed to extend the life of your clothes, reduce your washing costs, and lower your impact on the planet.

Why you’ll need it: 

To wash less. 

Fabric Spray on Shoe

The probiotic odour eliminator in our Fabric Spray brings some very cool science to the table  (we see you chemistry students) . It’s a bacteria that is in spore form, allowing it to stay stable in our solution. When applied to surfaces, the bacteria can grow and produce enzymes which break down odour causing molecules, providing odour control.

It will start working upon application, and continue to work for more than 4 weeks afterwards. You can spray it on any common fabric that is a little smelly and pop it back in your wardrobe for another wear, rather than in the washing basket.

You can also use it on shoes, sheets, curtains, couch covers, carpets and any other high effort hard to wash fabric coverings (assuming they are not leather or suede). 

To extend the life of your clothes.

Washing your clothes is far more likely to damage them, than wearing them.  This is because washing is a process that requires a lot of friction, ideally on open fibres to release the grime. This will wear down the fibres. 

Fabric SPray on T-Shirt

Adding in scents that suit your mood. 

For the first time ever, we are launching two scents with our fabric spray. 

Lilac Haze is made from 100% essential oils. Its leading notes are Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender which makes it absolutely perfect for sprucing up your clothes, but also adding a calming aroma to rooms where you sleep and relax.

Daybreak is a Nature Identical scent that contains essential oils. It’s leading notes are Bergamot, Clove and Petitgrain. It smells like a morning breeze, and is perfect for odours that are more stubborn and embedded - as it has longer lasting “stay power’.

You can read more about the scents in this blog here. 

Moody Fabric Spray No Wash Club


The packaging, it travels. 

We’re not just talking about the Refill Return program, meaning your refill packs will have multiple lives. The Fabric Spray comes in Carry On size. So you can pop one in your car, handbag or wherever you are when you find your self subtly dipping your nose toward your armpit. 

Fabric Spray Carry On


Fabric Spray.

Frankie Layton