So… those shoes of yours have been kicking up a bit of a stink lately. Nasty, but we get it, you put your feet in them everyday so it makes sense that after all that running around they’ll get a bit whiffy. That somewhat questionable odour is actually from bacteria that has taken up residence in your shoes. 


 There are a couple of ways you can minimise said odours.

  1. Pop them in the wash.  Some shoes are A-OK to go into your washing machine so ensure you check the care label or manufacturer's website to ensure they are indeed machine washable. You can pop them into a wash bag or old pillow case for some added protection and take the laces out for a good wash too. Once they’re done make sure you put them out to air dry before wearing. Don’t throw them in the dryer.

  1. Sunlight is a natural deodoriser so you could place them out in the sun for a bathe (weather permitting) or sit them by the heater. Eliminating any moisture is key!

  1. Get the trusty baking soda out and sprinkle a small amount inside your shoes and leave them overnight. It will help to absorb the smell and freshen them up!

  1. Stick them in the freezer (in a bag) overnight. The cold temperature will kill the bacteria. Just take them out and allow them to air dry.

Remember, the problem with funky smelling footwear starts with moisture. As it’s coming into those warmer months you can get on the front foot by:

  • Alternating shoes each day so it gives them a chance to air out
  • Wear shoes made from breathable materials like cotton, leather or wear sandals
  • Wear socks to create a barrier between your foot and shoes. Make sure you wear fresh socks everyday

Smell ya’ later alligator



Frankie Layton