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The elusive septic tank - an underground treatment system for our household waste, sewage and other nasties. Thoughts of “I wonder how my septic tank is going these days” or “I hope I’m helping my septic tank work at its optimum level” are probably not something that crosses your mind ever.

Alas, your septic tank is definitely a friend that you want to have on your side and yes - there are ways to actually help him thrive instead of just survive.

Your septic tank is home to a delicate balance of bacteria that can easily be thrown off when you use too many chemicals in the forms of household cleaning items.

We’ve listed a couple of things to look out for when you’re in that cleaning aisle daze.

Safe to Use

Not so Safe

  • Traditional non toxic cleaners like vinegar and Bi-carbonsate of soda 
  • low-phosphorus or phosphorous free cleaning products
  • Products that are listed as biodegradable 
  • Detergents with low sodium
  • Liquid detergents cleaners that are water based. 
  • As a rule of thumb - anything plain, minimal scent, unbleached and non coloured is A-OK
  • Products that are petroleum based - lubricants, fuel, pesticides
  • Products with large amounts of chlorine, bleach, lye, pine oil, ammonia
  • Disinfectants 
  • Cleaners that come in solid form or foam
  • Highly corrosive ingredients - caustic soda

Always check out the label and ingredients and when in doubt, choose products that are less harsh and that you can actually pronounce. Trust us, your septic tank will thank you for it.


Sofia Coppola and Malaika Firth for Mark Jacobs


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