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We’re not big fans of plastic, which is why we reduced the amount of plastic packaging by up to 90% compared to your average liquid laundry detergent. 

But what about that last 10%?

We have a way to keep it out of landfill. It takes a little work on your part, and a little on ours. It’s called our refill return program.

Refill returners send us back their used refill packs, we sanitise them, and fill them back up again! When we go to fulfil orders from refill returners, we’ll do it using a reused - rather than new - refill pack. 

The clo(the)sed loop cycle:


As of January 2021, if you opt into the program, you will receive a free reply paid envelope with every third order.

So all you need to do is save up a few packs and then drop them in a red post box when you're ready.  

Want in? 

If you're not signed up, There's a tick box on the order confirmation page that allows you to opt in easily. 

If you haven't ordered recently, you can sign into your account (or sign up). There's a button on the left hand side that allows you to easily join. 

If you've already told us you'd like to sign up, you're already going to receive the envelopes. 

Or, you're always welcome to email us; and we'll do it for you! 

Thanks for helping us keep the planet free of our packaging!

Need a few more details? 

How do I order returned packaging: 

Our systems know to fulfil orders using reused packaging, so long as you are a recognised member of the program. You just order like it’s any other day and we will take care of the rest. 

How do you send them back to us? 

It’s best to send them in a large letter envelope. We suggest doing so in our supplied reply paid envelopes, but you can post them in your own envelopes. 

Ours are thicker, made from recycled paper, so they're pretty good for the job. Regardless of which you use, here’s what you need to remember: 

  • Don’t stack the spout corners of each pack(it’s important that they do not exceed an overall height of 2cm) or you will be charged for a parcel ($8+) not a letter ($3 or less)
  • Lie the standard refill packs flat and/or fold the big refill packs in half or quarters (just below the spout). 
  • Ensure the refill packs have their lids on as while Aus Post love Dirt (obviously), they don’t like it on everyone else’s mail!

Where do I send them to? 

The Dirt Company

6 McLennan Drive

Kensington 3031 VIC

What happens if you run out of returned packaging to send us?

We just stomp on new packaging to make it second hand. ONLY JOKING. There are times where our returned packaging supply has run low. Currently, we’re out of bulk refill packs because you guys still have them in your house, with detergent in them. In this case, your order will be fulfilled using new packaging.

Can you use the packaging infinitely?

Nup. Unfortunately not. We have a screening process to attempt to avoid resending packaging that has been damaged in transit or by the customer. If the packaging looks threatening in terms of its ability to safely make its way back to you, we cut off the spout and send the refill pack to Terra Cycle to be fully recycled. About 4 lives is the current best case, but we're constantly working on better solutions. 

Am I receiving my exact packs back?

No. We wish we were that sophisticated, but we’re not. Instead we batch clean the packs so it doesn’t matter whether you end up with yours or someone else's. 

Anything else I need to know?

Just a few friendly reminders to help us our end:

  • Try not to write on the refills in any permanent marker
  • Make sure the lid is on nice and tight to stop any leakages
  • Be sure to use up all of your Dirt so the pack is empty before you send it back 

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