Our best-selling Stain Remover

Made for life's best messes

 “The stain remover is superb. Twice I have had spills once on carpet and once on fabric sofa - both are light coloured, the stain remover blotted with white cloths and paper towels removed everything without a trace! I ordered it in bulk!”


For at home or on-the-go

Our Spot Stain Treater Stain Remover is your ultimate weapon against common food and drink stains.

Some stains; like berries, tea, watermelon and tomato juice will fade within 30 minutes application.

For other stains, pre-treating them will stop the stain from setting so that they can be easily removed during the wash cycle.

The Stain Remover uses the natural power of oxygen bleach to deliver a pure and powerful clean.

Read our Reviews
Read our Reviews
“The stain spray is amazing! I spilt something on the bed spread last night, gave it a spray and it disappeared before my eyes.”
— Stephanie M
Read our Reviews
“Love these products! Dirt’s stain remover was recommended to me by a fellow mum and I was so impressed, I’ve now fully converted and bought the wash, booster and wool/delicates wash as well."
— Happy Customer
Read our Reviews
"There’s nothing I don’t love about these products. I use the stain spray for my work clothes as I work in a dirty industry and they deliver."
— Sarah T
How to use

A safe and effective stain removal solution that works like magic

  • Follow garment care label instructions and always patch test fabric for colour fastness

  • Use the applicator spray bottle to target the stain directly

  • If the stain is tough, use the end of the nozzle to agitate the stain slightly

  • Allow the stain remover between 5 minutes and half an hour to work before machine washing or blotting to remove the stain remover residue

  • If you're out and about, use the carry on bottle to target fresh stains, allow 30 minutes to work (but not longer) then blot with water to remove stain remover residue 

Our Approach to Waste

If all companies had to take responsibility for disposing of all the packaging they created, we believe they would do things differently.

A bit more like the way we do it.

We sell a dispenser bottles, designed to last a lifetime.
We sell refill packs, designed to keep the bottles full.

We take back all our refill packs via our free and easy Refill, Return program.

We reuse refill packs up to six or seven times; until we can't rely on their quality any more. Then we recycle them into new products - like scoops for our Powder Products.

It's a zero waste, closed loop system that allows us to bring you high performing products, and leave no trace.