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Less plastic makes a big difference

Reducing the amount of plastic in the wash cycle is the reason we created a company at all.

We cut the amount of packaging normally used in half by increasing the concentrate and strength of our formula. Our detergent is 8 X concentrated, making it as pure and powerful as can be. 

We then swapped plastic for alternatives packaging where possible. We use glass, a completely natural and totally durable resource for our 'keeper' bottles. They are drop protected by two silicone sleeves. 

We also introduced a refill pack system, which reduces plastic packaging further still. There's less plastic in a refill pack, than there is in a pump, about 90% less than a standard bottle on a per wash basis.

We estimate, that of even 0.5% of Australian households switched to Dirt, we'd prevent 50 tonnes of plastic from being manufactured per annum. 

Finally, we created a zero waste cycle through our Refill Return program. Via this program, you can send us back the refill packs to be reused. That's effectively zero waste.

Zero waste, zero problems

zero waste

We're so proud to introduce our Refill Return program! A program for customers who want to want a zero waste laundry. How it works, is customers who are part of the program collect up their refill packs, and mail them back to us in a reply paid envelope received free with every third order.

We save all returned refill packs, sanitise them and fill them up again. We then post the packs to customers who are 'tagged' in our back end system as refill return customers, pending our supply of reused refill packs.

If you want to join, either click the join button once you have completed your purchase, or log in using the email address you used to purchase with and click the "join" button in the account section.

You’ll be able to fit in excess of 4 packs in each envelope. Just make sure you don’t stack the spout corners of each pack. This will ensure you don’t exceed AusPost’s letter height restriction of 2 cm (spouts are 1.4cm).

Please also take care that the refill packs still have their lids on. This is important as if there’s any detergent on the letters, they run the risk of not making it back or ruining others’ mail - which might set Aus Post hot on our tail.

Waterway-first ingredients

We've create a product that rivals the best and most powerful out there, but omits many ingredients damaging to waterways, such as phosphates and synthetic dyes and scents. More information on our ingredients can be found here.

Cruelty free

We don’t test on animals, we test on ourselves. Animals are much cuter than us so this seems only fair.