You might have seen a little promo that we launched today - free candles in exchange for opinions. We made 500 of them (plus more for subscribers). When we sent the first email at 8am, we realised we were onto a winner. 

We even started making more this morning, using the dregs of our supply, but we haven't been able to keep up with the demand. We're so sorry!

They are all now, out of stock for regular orders.

If you are a subscriber, don’t worry - we’re  going to honour our promise and keep sending the last of the candles out until Friday (we have some special allocated stock for you). 

This was a fun, win-win idea for a focus group to help us select scent and it  exceeded our expectations by more than a small measure. 

We'll endeavour to find more great creative ideas to involve our customers going forward. 

But, for today we have to put our wicks down and focus on getting all our orders out the door. 

If you missed out, we're so sorry! Fingers crossed you like our next one just as much. 

Frankie and The Dirt Team.  


Frankie Layton