If, like us, our new Powder Booster has got you wanting to dig into the darkest depths of your wardrobe and test-test-test what you can revive, then please go forth and conquer - you are not alone. Here's how

But before you do, please know there are a couple of things that you can’t tackle head first. 

Our booster, like all boosters on the market, contains an oxygen bleach (fancy sciencey people know ours  as sodium percarbonate). It also contains something called organic enzymes, which are very very adept at cleaning. 

Because of these, there is a short list of no-gos when using our booster. 

Do not use wool, silks, leather, chiffon, satin or embroidered garments: 

This is because of our booster enzymes. The enzymes will target proteins (often the culprits behind many stains). The enzymes will target ALL types of protein. Both wool and silk (and the other aforementioned fabrics) are made from protein, they're animal fibre.

The enzymes are so good at their job that they don’t discriminate, which means that once they’ve finished removing your stains, they might turn their attention to your wool jumper - eek.

Don’t soak metal buttons or zippers: 

This is because we do not know which ‘metal’ your metal buttons and zips are made of, and what they are coated with. Reactions can occur depending on the type of metal so heed our warning and don’t soak. 

Do not apply if the garment says ‘no bleach’:

As we mentioned above, the booster does contain bleach. Hence, do not use it if it says ‘no bleach’.  Bleach is designed to lift stains and will have a whitening effect. If your garment is not colour safe (eg. natural dyes or you’re not too sure of the quality of the dyes) then don’t use booster on them. 

Use on coloured patterns or garments with metallic inks: 

Same explanation as above, these fabrics tend to be less coloursafe and should not be cleaned with anything that contains bleach. 

If you’re not sure of anything above then we would recommend either steering clear and playing it safe or spot testing. 

How to spot test: 

  • Get a tiny bit of booster on either your finger tip or a teaspoon and mix with some water 
  • Apply this mixture to an inconspicuous spot of your garment, we’re talking areas that you would never think to look or wouldn’t notice
  • Let the mixture sit for 5-30 minutes and then check back, you should then have your answer about whether the garment is good to go.
Ella Grainger