CHOICE’s latest rigorous testing revealed that majority of the laundry detergents they tested received a solid F when it came to getting clothes clean, with some detergents only achieving slightly better results than just using water. Yikes. 

For those who are new to CHOICE, their tests are based on three criteria:

  1. Works well on 10 difficult-to-remove stains including natural oils, perspiration, grass/mud, olive oil, makeup, baby food, and general etc.
  2. Is good value for money
  3. Is best for the environment

Until we are stocked in a large retailer (could be never), we don’t qualify for Choices tests but here’s how we stack up to their criteria:

1. Works well on 10 difficult to remove stains
We had a third party chemist test Dirt against a top performing eco-detergent, and a top performing non-eco to see how we stack up.

We washed them according to the instructions on each bottle. 40 degrees for all, 50ml of theirs against 14ml of ours. The result? Dirt out-performed the top eco detergent on pretty much everything except blood. Grass? Red wine? Chocolate? Stick with us. Read more about our results here

2. Is good value for money
According to CHOICE, the average supermarket laundry detergent costs $0.39c. We cost $0.33c AND we deliver directly to your door. So not only are we $0.06c cheaper, we’d never have you leave the house thanks very much.

3. Is best for the environment
Just by using Dirt, you cut plastic packaging from the laundry cycle by 90%. 
If you join our Refill, Return program you can create a fully zero waste system. All you need to do is send your refill packs back to us and we’ll wash them, and send them back. 

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our smarty clean pants say about us:

“Best purchase ever. A real no brainer. Thank you for an amazing profit that requires no fragrance or fab softner!!” - Youngju 

“Ticks as many boxes as is possible for an eco friendly product. Ordering/delivery was easy, scent is lovely, clothes are very clean, works as well, and lasts as long as any supermarket brand I’ve tried. Big ticks all round. Love that it’s local and will keep reordering. Thanks for having the courage and determination to start a company like this!” - Kim

I’ve been using Dirt for a few months and am not switching back! It works well, the natural smell is fabulous, and the packaging looks good in my laundry room. It’s great when making a sustainable choice doesn’t feel like a trade-off” - Ophelie

In sum, according to our maths and CHOICE’s results, we are $0.06c cheaper than your average supermarket laundry detergent and 1297% more effective and 100% more loved.


Frankie Layton