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Last week we did some testing because we love numbers, and we wanted to know how well we perform compared to other liquid laundry detergents. 
We tested fabric swatches comprising of 8 common household stains; unbrightened bleach, mineral oil with carbon black, blood, cocoa, wine, grass coloured corn starch, and rice starch. These stains had been professionally set on cotton, one of the most common fabrics, and one that's extremely tough for stain removal.
We tested three detergents, ours and two other liquid laundry detergents; a top performing eco, and a top performing non-eco. We washed them according to the instructions on each bottle. 40 degrees for all, 50ml of theirs against 14ml of ours. 
Pictured here are the results. 

*hold your breath* 

*exhale and celebrate*


In our test, Dirt out-performed the eco detergent on pretty much everything except blood. 
Grass? Red wine? Chocolate? Stick with us, baby. 

We were also SO CLOSE to matching the performance of the non-eco detergent. You've likely hardly noticed the difference between performance on starch, grass, red wine, chocolate.

So there you have it. A big fat tick for our objective, make an eco-friendly detergent that bloody works. 

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