Long weekend season is in full swing. 

It's one of the best times of year; camping trips, card games and red wine stains. Ekhm, well almost the best. 

If you're away, or out and about and you have an unfortunate run-in with red wine, fear not. It's so easy to keep the stain at bay.

Here's how. 

  1. Wet the stain, or keep it wet. It stops the stain from setting. 
  2. Pour salt on the stain. It absorbs it. 
  3. Spot treat the stain when you get home by pumping a little Dirt directly onto the affected area. Put it straight into your machine as usual, but select a one hour delay to allow some time for Dirt to work its magic. 
  4. Pull out of the machine. Don't dry if the stain is not completely removed, simply repeat step 3. 

Happy Autumn everybody - time to eat and drink until your heart is content.  




Frankie Layton