Every week we get clever cookies letting us know the genius hacks they've discovered our Machine Wash.

Initially we were pleasantly surprised but then we remembered it is specifically designed to cut through grease, grime and limescale buildup in your washing machine, so it kind of makes sense in other applications. 


Here's our favourite uses we've heard about so far: 

1. Busting the grime on your sink.

Sprinkle some machine wash, leave for five minutes and give it a good scrub to get back to that clean sink feeling. 

2. Toilet cleaner. 

Sprinkle some in, scrub with some subtle suds and then flush! Looks brand new and gets rid of that extra grime at the bottom of the bowl. 

3. Carpet deodoriser.

Sprinkle some on your carpet and let it sit for an hour. Vacuum after letting it sit and enjoy the lovely scents wafting from your carpet. 


We’re so thrilled that our machine wash has revealed itself as a multifunctional hero. Let us know if you’ve discovered any new cleaning hacks for our Machine Wash.


Ella Grainger