There is something so satisfying about a room that has really nailed those 'finishing touches'. Accessorising can make an old laundry look 'warehouse chic' or a new laundry look very expensive. 

Yes, it will still look like a laundry, but yes, you can also derive some great satisfaction from it - just like any room you've finessed. So for those who are working on their feng shui, our team has put together a list of nice and not-too-expensive things that will help elevate the space.

From high-end Scandinavian designs to things you can source at your local shopping centre, here are our top picks for those looking to up their laundry game. 



The Hay Laundry Basket: 

HAY was born over a decade ago by wife and husband Copenhagen duo Mette and Rolf Hay. The company was founded with the ambition to create contemporary furniture with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing.

Whilst HAY may seem far-reaching, their beautifully crafted laundry basket is super affordable, reflecting the creator's vision of “making high-quality products at a reasonable price” at only $42. Leave it anywhere in the house because it, well looks great.  Cost: $42 



The DLH Designs Luca Concrete Tray

 Needing something to pop all your Dirt glass bottles on? This super-useful tray is perfect for both display and storage. Made by a local Australian-owned and family-operated business, the company became famous for its signature concrete basins. These cool study trays come in multiple colours, so you can choose what works best for your laundry vibe. Cost: $49 





The Designstuff Caddy 

We've long since been fans of Designstuff. They keep their eye on what is happening in the world of design and bring us the best either home made or designer pieces.  

This caddy is enhanced with a powder-coated metal, the gentle curves of its oval form are mirrored in the spherical handle, which rests comfortably in your palm when carried. This is more of an investment piece but perhaps a more affordable option if you have limited storage space. We love its simplicity but also its functionality. Cost $99



Dirt Stainless Steel Pegs  

Say goodbye to ugly plastic mix-matched pegs. Our Dirt Pegs are made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless steel. They’re strong, durable and are made to last a lifetime, unlike typical plastic pegs, which degrade over time when exposed to the elements. They’ve also been made with functionality and design in mind. 

Cost $24.95




The John Henric Lint Remover 

Lint Removers aren't typically something you'd expect to see in a list of 'accessories', but it's worth a mention because there are just so many better options than the old, plastic-y, sticky rollers. 

This one is from a company called John Henric of all places. It's plastic free, look sleek and actually does a fantastic job once you work out how to handle it.   Cost: $12




Ella Grainger