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Our two pronged approach to impact

We create no new waste.

By obsessing over product design and innovative supply chain solutions.

We eliminate old waste.

At least once per year, we us 50% of our profits to initiate projects that
remove existing waste from the planet. The initiatives can be led by
anyone, and will always evolve as solutions to the global waste problem crisis
continue to evolve.

Total invested in impact projects to date: $72,000

Transforming Trash

Transforming Trash

Total investment: $27,000
Date: September 2021

The brief to the team was: Going to landfill is not an option. Find a way to reuse, reused refill packs when they get to the end of their life.

Over endless iterations we're proud as punch to be able to share our first 100% recycled Dirt product (meaning no extra materials, or new plastic added to the mix, just 100% recycled end of life refill packs).

Our solution is local, partnering with micro-recyclers in Melbourne, and pulls this waste stream literally into our own hands (the process of shredding, melting and remolding our scoops is done by hand.)

See the full journey and the technical process behind transforming our own trash into new, useful things.

The Ocean Clean-up

The Ocean Clean-up

Total investment: $40,000
Date: July 2020

The Ocean Clean Up have a mission to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution at the source, using advanced technology.

Their mid-term objective is to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch AND stop 80% of plastic from entering the ocean, by tacking 1000 of the world’s worst polluting rivers.

These are BIG objectives. Their work requires enormous, innovative, large scale machinery that doesn’t come cheap. Your purchases have supported some of their major projects, so give yourself a big hearty pat on the back.

We are always hungry to learn about new ways we can do better. Have an idea for our next impact project? Tell us about it!

“Never think that a small group of committed people can’t change the world. It is in fact the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead