The Travel Bundle

The Travel Bundle is for those on-the-go, with everything you need to freshen up without the heavy baggage.


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Detergent Type
Fabric Spray Scent
Included products

  • Detergent Pocket Pal 100ml
  • Fabric Spray Carry On 30ml
  • Stain Remover Carry On 20ml
  • Dirt-ie Bag

How to use

Detergent Pocket Pal

  • Suitable for washing most fabrics.
  • Pretreat any heavy duty stains with a little free pour straight onto soiled fabric.
  • Add 14-20mls to the wash. There are markers down the side of the refill that will help guide you, but they're not perfect which is why we have allowed a broader dosage range.
  • 40 degrees is optimal for performance, however Dirt will work at colder temperatures with only a mild performance difference.

Stain Remover Spot Treater

  • Follow garment care label instructions and always patch test fabric for colourfastness
  • Use the applicator spray bottle to target the stain directly
  • If the stain is tough, use the end of the nozzle to agitate the stain slightly
  • Allow the stain remover between 5 minutes and half an hour to work before machine washing or blotting to remove the stain remover residue
  • If you're out and about use the carry on bottle to target fresh stains, allow 30 minutes to work (but not longer) then blot with water to remove stain remover residue 
  • If the stain doesn't start to fade within 30 minutes, treat again

Fabric Spray

  • Hold the Fabric Spray about 50cm away from your fabric and spray in a sweeping motion to mist your fabrics then let dry.
  • Don't use on fabrics that water spot like suede, silk and leather, and don't drench a single area. If you're worried about watermarking, spot test on a small area to begin with.
  • Please note, a little goes a long way -- the natural probiotic odour eliminator starts to work upon application and remains active for up to four weeks.

Dirt-ie Bag

  • Carry as a backpack or a tote.
  • Scrunch or fold to pack for travel.
  • Turn inside out to dry between uses.
  • Wash on a 30 degree cycle with any of our detergents.

Shipping & Returns

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We also have 100% satisfaction policy. If you're not happy with our product, it can be sent back for a refund.

About The Travel Bundle

The Travel Bundle comes with a Pocket Pal containing 5 loads of Laundry Detergent (of your choice), a Fabric Spray Carry On (scent of your choice), a Stain Remover Carry On and Dirt-ie Bag to help you travel light.

Whether it's an overnight stay, an interstate adventure or overseas holiday, this bundle has everything you need to keep your mind out of the machine, and on the journey.

It's a Great Bundle If

You want to stay fresh and clean for the duration of your trip, while also having enough space to pack some souvenirs. The Travel Bundle is like a toiletry bag for your laundry essentials with palm-sized products that effectively treats stains, removes smells and cleans clothes.

We make products that do less harm, a better choice.


How many loads in the Pocket Pal?

There are 5+ loads in the Pocket Pal, with one load = 14-20mls

Does the Pocket Pal also go through the Refill Return program?

Just like our other refill packs, our Pocket Pals can be sanitised and are a part of our Refill Return Program.

What's the difference between Original Laundry Liquid and Advanced Wash?

Original Laundry was created for your general laundry needs, with pure yet powerful performance and a more subtle scent for sensitive noses.

Our Advanced Wash was designed with a little extra punch, especially when it comes to odour control with the addition of an antimicrobial agent.

Can I take these items on an airplane?

Our Pocket Pals and Carry Ons were made for laundry on-the-go and are the perfect size for travelling.

The Pocket Pals are 100mls, and Carry On Dispensers 20-30mL, meaning you can pop all of these these in your carry-on or pack in your suitcase.

How much does the Dirt-ie Bag weigh?

The Dirt-ie bag weighs 87g.

Can I use the Stain Remover on all fabrics?

Spot stain treater cannot be used on fabrics that say "do not bleach". You'll typically find these labels on the inside left of your clothes.

The labels generally exist on delicate fabrics; like wools and silks, and fabrics that have not been through a thorough 'dye setting' process.

If in doubt, we would recommend you patch test, by spraying a small amount of the stain solution onto an inconspicuous part of the fabric, and wait 30 minutes to check that everything is okay first.

What is the difference between the Fabric Spray scents?

Daybreak is a nature Identical with essential oils. The leading Notes are bergamot, petitgrain and clove. It contains the following essential oils: orange Oil, black pepper oil, cedarwood oil, clove oil, curcuma oil, ginger extract, guaiacwood oil, petitgrain oil. It's best for odours that are more stubborn and embedded - it has a fresh shower scent with lasting 'stay power’.

Lilac Haze is a 100% natural scent. The leading notes are geranium, patchouli and lavender. It contains the following essential oils: geranium oil, patchouli oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oils, galbanum oil, lemongrass oil, lemon oil, orange oil. It's best for sprucing up your clothes and adding a herbaceous and fresh calming aroma to rooms where you sleep and relax.