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Here are a few more reasons to love dirt, directly from our customers

I bought the subscription washing detergent pack 2 weeks ago. It arrived the very next day and had been fantastic! The Dirt smells lovely and authentic (not chemically), soaps up well and most importantly, cleans beautifully. I've washed everything with it now - clothes, sheets, towels and whites and it's perfect for everything. I've also found myself referring friends to it, as Dirt is eco-friendly, does a fantastic job and is affordable.

- Aimee

When you have a child who has such sensitive skin and eczema of the kind that involves hospital and specialist visits you take environmental allergens and irritants very seriously. Every time we change a product or bring something new in contact with her skin we wait with baited breath to see if it is as pure and gentle as they claim. Dirt delivered on all fronts from being kind to her skin, having only a hint of fresh, natural fragrance and also, importantly, actually doing a great job of our laundry. It makes us happy to find a brand we can trust and that is made in Australia.

- Vidi

Just did my first load with Dirt, absolutely love it. Sleek design, feels fresh an clean and so happy to be supporting our oceans! Thank you!

- Jay

I'll never be going back to regular detergent. Dirt even got red wine out of my white pants.

- Jasmine

Finally, a laundry detergent that thinks about the planet

We NEED TO START paying attention to the products we use and how they affect the planet. It’s the little choices that add up to make a big difference. opt for organic and plant-based. Say no to excess packaging. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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Packed with plant based and organic cleaning ingredients. Made from 100% biodegradable ingredients.

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