The Best Sellers Bundle

The Best Sellers Bundle is full of go-to Dirt essentials that are tried, tested and most loved by our customers.

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Detergent Type
Fabric Spray Scent
Included products

  • Laundry Detergent Bottle 475ml
  • Laundry Detergent Refill Pack 450ml
  • Powder Booster Dispenser Jar 1kg
  • Scoop Made from 100% Recycled Refill Waste
  • Powder Booster Refill Pack 2.8kg
  • Stain Remover Glass Dispenser Bottle 475ml
  • Stain Remover Refill Pack 450ml
  • Stain Remover Carry On 20ml
  • Fabric Spray Glass Dispenser Bottle 475ml
  • Fabric Spray Refill Pack 450mL
  • Fabric Spray Carry On 30ml

How to use

Laundry Detergent

  • Suitable for washing most fabrics
  • Pretreat any heavy duty stains with an extra squirt straight onto soiled fabric, or use our stain removers
  • Add 4 - 5 pumps (14 - 17.5mls) to the drawer of your washing machine. If you have a top loader, add the detergent to the base of your machine before you put your clothes in
  • 40 degrees is optimal for heavy stains, however Dirt will work at colder temperatures with mild performance difference

Powder Booster

  • Add in wash: 2 scoops for front loader, 4 scoops for top loader machine
  • Make a pretreat paste: add 2 scoops with 6 scoops of water and apply paste onto stain, agitate, and wash after 5 minutes
  • Soak your stains: dissolve 2 scoops in 7L of water. Leave colours for a maximum of two hours
  • Important Note: Make sure you always follow garment care instructions and do not use if the product says 'Do Not Bleach'. Always treat similar colours together to avoid colour run between garments.

Stain Remover Spot Treater

  • Follow garment care label instructions and always patch test fabric for colourfastness
  • Use the applicator spray bottle to target the stain directly
  • If the stain is tough, use the end of the nozzle to agitate the stain slightly
  • Allow the stain remover between 5 minutes and half an hour to work before machine washing or blotting to remove the stain remover residue
  • If you're out and about use the carry on bottle to target fresh stains, allow 30 minutes to work (but not longer) then blot with water to remove stain remover residue 
  • If the stain doesn't start to fade within 30 minutes, treat again

Fabric Spray

  • Hold the Fabric Spray about 50cm away from your fabric and spray in a sweeping motion to mist your fabrics then let dry.
  • Don't use on fabrics that water spot like suede, silk and leather, and don't drench a single area. If you're worried about watermarking, spot test on a small area to begin with.
  • Please note, a little goes a long way -- the natural probiotic odour eliminator starts to work upon application and remains active for up to four weeks.

Shipping & Returns

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We also have 100% satisfaction policy. If you're not happy with our product, it can be sent back for a refund.

About the Best Sellers Bundle

This bundle contains all our top selling products, as voted by our customers. It comes with everything you need to replace your tired old laundry products with a suite of beautifully designed, thoughtfully packaged, pure and powerful goodies.

It's a Great Bundle If

You think it’s time for a laundry upgrade, and you’re ready to make the planet a first choice, but not at the expense of performance. This bundle will have you clean as a whistle, fresh as a daisy, and smug as someone who knows a sustainable win-win when they see one.

We make products that do less harm, a better choice.


Do the dispenser bottles all come full?

Yes. All our dispenser bottles and jars always come full, unless they are purchased via 'Spare Parts'.

Can I use these products in hot or cold water?

Warmer water actually helps most detergents (including ours) perform better by opening up the fibres in the fabric.

At 20°C, you'll have a reduced performance by an average of 15% (it varies depending on the depth of the stain). As we’re a super high performing detergent, especially when it comes to stain removal, we recommend you wash lighter soiled loads in cold water and spot treat isolated stains. For anything that’s smellier or sweatier with general grime, we recommend upping the temperature to 40°C.

Are all your products septic safe?

Yes, all our products are biodegradable, and safe for septic use.

If you are running a smaller or specialised home system, we do recommend you opt for the Original Laundry Detergent over the Advanced Wash; just because it is the most readily biodegradable.

In addition, we recommend limiting your use of the Powder Booster.

Although it is readily biodegradable and 100% natural, it is the dosage that determines to poison, and the best way to keep a septic healthy is to minimise what goes into it. That's why we suggest limiting large soaks to once per week.

Are the refills in this bundle part of the Refill, Return program?

Absolutely, yes. All our refills are collected for reuse.

Is there anything I can't use Fabric Spray on?

Fabric Spray is safe on all surfaces that won't watermark.

It can be used on things like carpets, curtains, linen, shoes, and many couches. It's not safe to use on materials that will watermark, like suede, silk and leather.

Does the Powder Booster come with a scoop?

Yes - our Powder Booster comes with an 100% recycled scoop, made right in our warehouse from old refill packs.

Which stains will the Spot Stain Treater work best on?

The Spot Stain Remover will work best on dye based stains; such as berries, watermelon, ice poles, tea, etc. This is due to the combination of oxi-action bleach and surfactants.

Stains that are protein based; like blood or collar sweat, will best be spot treated with Laundry Detergent or Powder Booster, as they will respond best to enzymes - which cannot co-exist with oxygen bleach in a liquid base.