Powder Booster Starter Pack

Major Stain Remover

253 scoops

40c per load | How does this compare?

$49.95 $56.90

Our all new Powder Booster is designed to tackle life's mightiest messes. It's your best defence against stubborn stains, sweaty smelly clothes, and life's more significant spills.

It is formulated with plant based and organic cleaning ingredients that specifically target tough stains, and leave your clothes bright and fresh. Our dispenser jar comes full with 1kg of Powder Booster and is made from glass complete with a silicone sleeve for grip and protection.

It is designed to be refilled infinitely, using refill packs. Our refill pack contains 2.8kg of our specialty formula, which is enough for more than 90 treatments. The pack itself is made from a minimum of 30% post industrial waste, and is designed to be reused through our Refill Return Program.

The seal is made from a specialised velcro, so that the refill pack can be made air tight between uses. Our Powder Booster Starter Pack is the missing piece in our range of pure, powerful and waste free laundry products.

Essential Oils, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen Activated Bleach), Sodium Bicarbonate, Bleach Activator, Surfactants, Organic Enzymes

Included products

  • Powder Booster Dispenser Jar 1kg
  • Scoop Made from 100% Recycled Refill Waste
  • Powder Booster Refill Pack 2.8kg

How to use

  • Add in wash: 2 scoops for front loader, 4 scoops for top loader machine
  • Make a pretreat paste: add 2 scoops with 6 scoops of water and apply paste onto stain, agitate, and wash after 5 minutes
  • Soak your stains: dissolve 2 scoops in 7L of water. Leave colours for a maximum of two hours
  • Important Note: Make sure you always follow garment care instructions and do not use if the product says 'Do Not Bleach'. Always treat similar colours together to avoid colour run between garments.

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Locally Made

Our products are made in Melbourne, Australia.

Our shipping materials are also made in Australia, from up to 65% recycled materials.

We are female founded, owned by two Australians, and a New Zealander.

Safe ingredients

No fillers or phosphates.

No artificial scents or dyes

Vegan & cruelty-free.

Never tested on animals.

100% biodegradable ingredients.

Absolutely nothing wasted

Our products reduce plastic consumption by design.

Our return system reuses our refill packs time again.

We recycle anything that can't be reused, in house.