What exactly is the difference between the original Dirt Laundry Detergent formula, and our new Delicate wash?

To put it simply: Dirt wasn’t designed for wools or delicate fabrics, but the Delicate wash is. 

There are two ‘active’ ingredients in Dirt laundry detergent : surfactants (that’s the soap component) and enzymes (which target proteins, the culprit behind many stains).

The surfactants are suitable for all material. The enzymes are not. This is because they will target ALL types of protein. Both wool and silk are made from protein, they're animal fibre. 

The enzymes are so good at their job that they don’t discriminate, which means that once they’ve finished removing your stains, they might turn their attention to your wool jumper - eek.

The delicate detergent contains many of the same ingredients, but the enzymes have been restrained a little. The blend of enzymes in the delicate brew are not going to chow down animal fibre along with your toughest stains.

They are still powerful, but slightly less versatile.

The delicate detergent also has a different scent. It's called wild water and it smells quite literally like a fresh stream mixed with flowers in bloom. It's also at a slightly higher concentration. Still not overwhelming, but definitely a touch more perceivable than the regular detergent brew.

So which to use for what? 

Well, regular for regular loads, and delicate for  loads that anything that you're less sure about. The difference in clean quality is hardly perceivable.

Our delicate wash is a great way to take the risk out of washing those tricky garments that contain a little bit of everything.

You know the ones we’re talking about. The tag on the inside of the garment will read something like :  20% wool, 15% rayon, 25% fear & anxiety... These are called blended fibres. 

If you’ve washed  these in regular detergent before, and it’s been fine - it stands to reason that you’ll be a-okay going forward with the regular formula.

If you don’t want to take the risk for your favourite jumper, we advise you to go with our delicates detergent. The result will be 100% you can wear it again.

Maddie Vlismas