We received an email from an unhappy customer. We'll call her Peggy. 

She'd received some of our Marine Grade 316 no rust Stainless Steel pegs, and they'd rusted. While Peggy expressed she wasn't very happy, we were in an all out state of panic. 

We have a great relationship with our supplier who always provides us with accredited grade 316 stainless steel material (the most rust proof grade science can make). Under no circumstances should our pegs rust or degrade. 

We started the usual flipping out process; Spoke to our supplier. Looked for machines to measure the nickel content of our stainless steel. Found out the latitude and longitude of Peggy's house incase some freak weather event had taken place that we didn't know about.

And of course, spoke with Peggy to try and glean some more information; she'd received them from a friend so had to do some following up. 

Turns out, our rust proof pegs had been innocently mixed up with another companies, also selling allegedly rust proof. The only proof we can see here, is in the picture pudding below. 

Peggy sorted through the batch she now understood to be half ours and sent a picture (Ours, left). 

It is with a great sigh of relief that we can resume thinking that our pegs are the best in in the business. 

If you want life-long perfection, buy our stainless steel grade 316 RUST PROOF pegs. They're worth every nickel. 



Frankie Layton