5 years ago, Hayley and I sat together in a freezing cold warehouse talking about our plans to take the world by storm. 

Hayley was going to make it exceptionally easy for customers to buy and style the highest quality sheets on the market. She called her business Sheet Society

Me, well I was going to rid the world of single use plastic by designing the best laundry products and waste systems Australia has on offer. 

Despite the obvious differences between the businesses, there were striking similarities in our day-to-day. Both Australian businesses. Both creating better designed products. Both keeping the planet at the forefront of our decisions. Both working to make lives' the easiest possible for our customers. 

Basically, both giving a sheet about being better than the businesses that came before us - whether in the laundry room or the bedroom. 

As time passed, we grew out of our shared space and into bigger warehouses with teams to take care of, and we both had two human babies of our own. 

When we connected late last year, I discovered that we now have something else in common. Sheet Society is now determined to become not only the best at sheets, but also the most sustainable - by no small margin. 

Hayley and her team have done a lot of work exploring all the ways this is possible - from the materials they use, to the manufacturing and delivery processes, and of course, the washing instructions. 

With their latest launch, Sheet society has gone plant-based, delivering organic GOTS certified cotton, dyed with natural botanicals in four beautiful earthly colour-ways. You can read more about it, and the process and thinking behind it here

We have completely jumped in bed with them for the launch of this collection - as the official laundry detergent recommendation to care for the range. 

If you'd like to check them out, Sheet Society have offered our customers $20 off all purchases over $200 with the code DIRT20. 

It really is the plant based partnership of our dreams. After-all what could be better than friends working together to take a load off the planet and have a meaningful, positive impact on the world. 


Frankie Layton
Tagged: Sustainability