Happy AFL Grand Final Day!

We can’t say that the AFL is typically on our radar but this inaugural day seemed like a good opportunity to rehash the best ways to wash out mud and grass stains.

It seems like mud and grass stains are prolific, and are especially attracted to white clothing and resultantly making the wearer look a fool. 

Luckily, we have a foolproof way to ensure that those stains won’t stick around and you’ll be able to recover your crisp whites. 

First of all, determine how long the stain has been there. This is important to figure out the best plan of attack.

For set stains (we’re talking dried out mud that has been ignored for maybe a week too long), Booster is your best friend. 

You’re going to want to soak your stained clothes in warm water with a few scoops of Booster. Feel free to soak up to two hours for white clothes and up to 30 minutes for coloured clothes. Be sure to double check the colour fastness before you do. Once your clothes have been appropriately soaked, wash as normal. 

If your stains are fairly recent and aren’t enormously embarrassing in size you can spot treat them directly with detergent. Let this sit for 30 minutes before washing as normal. 

The choice is up to you if you prefer Original detergent or Advanced. They'll both work a treat.

If you are washing smelly sports clothes or footy uniforms then we would recommend giving our Advanced Wash a try. 

It is designed for odour control and our formula leans on the latest sustainable science to  leave your clothes with lasting freshness. It's the perfect blend for activewear, work wear and dark clothes that typically foster faster bacteria growth and hold onto smells more than regular washing. 

And that’s seriously how simple it is. The results will blow your mind and the stains right out of your sports wear.

Ella Grainger