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In September, we ran a little promotion, four starter packs for the price of three. 
You guys loved it! We loved you guys loving it! But our bank did not love it. 
We found ourselves thinking; 
“Oh hot-dang, we might need to increase the cost of our product, so that we can afford to do that”. 
The dialogue continued; 
“In a big way? Heaps more?” 
“Well if people are used to buying cleaning products on discount, then we’re going to need to budget that in so we can continue to discount, or we’ll be the one getting taken to the cleaners”. 
“(High five, captain pun)”. 
“What’s more important, that people get a great product at a great price, or that we capture that trigger happy ‘EHMERGAWD' sale moment?”. 
“If it were me (it is you) okay, since it is you, I would prefer to know what something is going to cost, pay a fair price, and never have to think about whether I should wait a month or two to purchase”. 
And so, we have decided, that the only way to ensure everyone gets a fair price for the value we deliver, is to not go on sale. We’re not going to compromise ourselves or you guys, to sell our product for less that it’s worth. 
To be a sustainable business, you have to have a sustainable business. And to be a sustainable purchaser, you need to love what you’re buying, not just the price you’re getting it for. 
We discount our Starter Pack, to enable people to get used to the refill pack, dispenser system, which is a constant, but we’re off the sale for sale sake bandwagon. 
This strategy is truer to who we are, and what we’re trying to achieve - to make products that do less harm, a better choice for everyone. 
So, this ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, we’d like to introduce you to The Dirt Company, the only brand on the internet not discounting to encourage you to buy things you don’t really want, at a price you really want them.

We’ll be the ones sitting in the corner with fewer cha-chings in our office, but smiles on our faces because our customers, our people, whom we respect with all our hearts, to rest easy knowing they’re getting a great price for a great, Australian made product, all year long. 
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