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Last Friday over 4 million people participated in one of the largest worldwide youth-led climate strikes. In Melbourne alone, there was an estimated 100,000 climate change supporters who took to the streets, our Dirt HQ included. 

One of the key figures behind the strike is 16 year old Greta Thunsberg, a young and very impressive Swedish environmentalist pioneering and protesting for governments to take immediate action on climate change. 

Greta has become a beacon of hope for younger generations and subsequently inspired so many others to think about the impact on the planet and the impact this could have for generations to come if nothing changes. 

It was amazing to see the amount of people from all walks of life who marched their way through our city streets. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with voices of hope and strength for the future. It was also extremely humbling to see so many committed to making positive changes. 

We felt GREAT about there. But marching isn’t the only way to get that change-making, better future feeling.

Greta suggests you can also help create a brighter future by doing these three little things.  

  1. Spread awareness - talk to friends, family, colleagues and make people aware of the problem
  2. Plant a tree - trees absorb and store carbon dioxide emissions
  3. Be part of the reuse economy. (Hello we know you’re probably already there). Consume less, waste less. 

Just remember, those smaller acts do have the ability to contribute to a greater outcome. As Howard Zimm put it;

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can change the world”

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