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11.45am on Saturday: we are officially out of our headbands.
Some 300+ were created, and they didn't even last 2 hours. Next time, we'll be sure to produce more. 

In the meantime, please don't feel deterred from your Spring Clean. Take anything that makes you feel empowered and put it on! 

And as always, if you think you really need one for some reason we haven't thought of, DM us and we'll see what magic we can work for you. (Subscribers we still have some for the next three days of subscriptions)  


It feels like we've gone from zero to one hundred real quick.

The world's opening back up, Christmas is around the corner, and when we polled our community, 78% of us still have the Spring clean on our lists (sure, it's slowly being bumped further and further down in favour of 'rooftop drinks with the gals', but it's still there, collecting dust.) 

In the business of making things clean, we thought we could lend a hand (and a headband) to help. We've got everything you need to get the Spring clean done.

It starts with your uniform, the Dirt headband. It's the accessory needed for a focused Spring cleaning effort, and it's as sustainable as it is useful. This gorgeous headband is handmade locally from Australian sustainable fabric by the Melbourne Textiles Company. 

In our experience, it makes your cleaning efforts twice as effective. A fabulous reminder that you will succeed with the Spring clean. 

To help keep the motivation high, seven members of the Dirt team picked the top five tunes that get them up and about. It turns out what we have in common when it comes to music taste is almost nothing. So there's sure to be something everyone likes!
Listen to our Spring Clean GO playlist on Spotify. 

What's even better? Our headbands are FREE for the next few hundred orders, No code required, just load up your basket and check out. Your order confirmation will let you know if you've been lucky enough to nab the ultimate Spring cleaning accessory. 

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