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The Dirt Company’s number one crusade is to deliver a shockingly-simple, grime-bustlingly powerful, amazingly-natural laundry detergent to all of Australia. Cleaning up laundry’s with Dirt is every happiness to us.
But brilliant laundry detergent was not the reason we decided to launch The Dirt Company. It’s just where we started.  Knowledge of the effect our product choices are having on the planet combined with the inability to easily access great sustainable alternatives, is the reason The Dirt Company was founded. 
We think it’s possible to share the knowledge that inspired us to create The Dirt Company in 15 seconds.  
  • We discard 10 million tons of plastic into the ocean each year. If you pilled that up vertically, it’d reach the sun. 
  • Plastic does not decompose, like ever - it stays in the ocean where marine life eat it to their detriment. 
  • There’s an estimated 30 years of seafood left in the ocean. This is in part due to the fact plastic is smothering the food chain. 
Plastic is destroying the marine world. Frustrating, amirght!?
There are a handful of wonderful people trying to slow down the damage and restore the health of the ocean (cue: The Ocean Cleanup) but by-in-large, this is a collective problem - if we’re going to manage it, it's got to be an individually together type thing.
How? You’ve been hearing the message since the 70’s. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Just do it. Akehm, sorry Nike. 
There’s a good chance you're reading this in Australia, so let us stress the first two R’s are EVERYTHING. 
Our recycling plants are currently overloaded because we as a nation are getting very good at it. We're not discounting that as awesome, it’s just that not all your recycling ends up recycled, so THE very best thing you can do, is avoid creating the waste in the first place.
And, do the easy things that work for you and the planet. Use a keep cup. Shop at a market. Spend more on less when it comes to your wardrobe. Keep a tote bag in your car for your shopping. 
Oh, one more obvious one, buy Dirt Laundry detergent. We use approximately 90% less plastic* than all liquid detergents, only about as much or less than a powder scooper, so you can clean your clothes with liquid without damaging your conscience.

*Source a:
A melted aluminium refill pack (Dirt), sandwiched by a plastic scooper and a melted detergent bottle. Figure based on %w/load
A picture of a melted Aluminium Refill pack (Dirt) sandwiched by a plastic scoop and melted bottle  
Source b: 
A plastic jug containing 11 loads behind an aluminium Dirt dispenser containing 35 loads. Figure based on % w / load. 

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