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After completing our handy spring cleaning list, we’ve created an extra something exciting to help propel you through the Spring season. 

This one requires a little door knocking, a little friend making and a little hand shaking… are you ready?


Get Together With Your Neighbour.

For a limited time only, we’re giving you the chance to buy four starter packs for the price of three. That’s a bulk saving of 25% (yay we maths).

There’s 65 loads in each pack, or 260 loads in total. That’s a lot of washing.

Which is why we suggest you don't go at it alone, but instead get your whole street involved. That way, you and your neighbours can: 

- Smell like a Spring morning.
- Hang out and talk trash. 
- Launder like it's going out of fashion. 
- Share Dirt forever more.  

If you want to let your neighbours in on the details here is the link to our super secret offer page.

Happy neighbouring, smarty clean pants.

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