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There’s heaps of single use plastic being produced in the world right now... not enough even. It’s saving lives and thank goodness for it.
That devil sitting on your shoulder is probably getting in your ear, saying since (globally) we’ve fallen over the edge with our single use plastic usage; you can throw the 'reducing plastic' baby out with the ’sustainable’ bathwater, and enjoy a few months of ramped, old school consumption. 
Wrong, Devil. 
This is not an opportunity to let our bad habits go, it’s a time to make new good habits because, how better shall we fill all this time. 
We’ve pulled a list of a few ideas to get you started. 
BULK BUYING, do it for the planet! 
We have packaged up the refill system perfectly for your laundry, but there is absolutely no reason that you can’t create this system in every part of your house. 
Here’s a fun way to do it; 
Go buy a small, gorgeous bottle of something. Whatever it is, it’s got to be in a bottle that you really like, ie. olive oil in a Frantoio D’Orazio bottle. Then buy a really big amount of the same product (from that brand or any other) to put away in your cupboard to refill your nice bottle when it runs out.
It will cost you more up front but A LOT less in the long run. It’ll also reduce your packaging waste and therefore your impact, quite substantially. And the real bonus, you’ll start to admire all the pretty dispenser bottles emerging around your house. 
WORM FARMS, get one. 
Oh, how do we express fully how far down this rabbit hole it’s possible to fall, once you get started. The JOY of watching your food waste get eaten in your own back yard, is hard to describe. A couple of us here can attest to this one, although we’re sure there are plenty of great options out there. 
WARDROBE, repair and resell. 
There is NO excuse to come out of isolation with a wardrobe still full of things that you used to wear. 
It’ll take you a day to go through your wardrobe and pull out the things you used to love. Another day to youTube how to repair the ones you can. If old stains are the issue we’ve covered off quite a few options via our blog. And then a few hours to get the job done. 
If you can’t fit into your preloved clothes anymore, it’ll take you even less hours to get them online and start selling them off. 
One of the beauties of doing this right now, is you are less likely to feel the need to ‘fill up’ your wardrobe again, as it’s not like you’re going anywhere that you’ll need to feel pretty right now anyway. 
Let's keep our heads up and our sustainable goggles on, gang. 

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