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You're probably familiar with our new glass bottle by now. ⁠

They're the next step forward on our path to finding the most sustainable packaging solution of all time., and we love them. ⁠

They're that kind of quality that you’ll want to hold onto for a lifetime (if we do say so ourselves). ⁠

✨ They're made from sand which is natural, and more durable than alternative materials for detergent storage. ⁠

✨ The bottles are see-through - so no more flowing over the top when you're refilling!⁠

✨The glass bottle is protected by two silicone sleeves to help prevent breakage - which are 100% non-toxic, BPA, BPS and PVC free.⁠

We moved to glass from Aluminium. ⁠

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and a great sustainable material. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always last forever.⁠

We learnt this as our very first bottles turned about two and a half. A couple of them, particularly those that had been sitting in extreme heat, or those that had been dropped or damaged, were subject to degradation - impacting the quality of your clean. ⁠

Of course, this isn't the case for the majority of the bottles out there. If you Aluminium bottles are still going strong (as ours are) then keep with them! We know how easy they are to fall in love with. ⁠

However, if you have an Aluminium dispenser bottle, and would like to switch it over - even just because you think our new bottles are very pretty (you're not alone) we'd like to offer you a FREE DISPENSER BOTTLE with your next order*. ⁠

When you're purchasing your next refill packs, just follow through to the final page of checkout, and enter the code BOTTLEPLEASE. ⁠

If you're a subscriber, login to your account and add the code in the secret code area below your subscription. ⁠

The code is only valid once per customer, and you MUST be an existing customer (using the same email address as you originally did), to purchase. ⁠You also have to meet a minimum spend requirement of $15 to be eligible. ⁠

The code is valid for 12 months, so if you want to use it, you can do it next time you run out of detergent! ⁠

Happy cleaning everyone. ⁠

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