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Well, this is an exciting one. As you well know, we’re all about the first two Rs; reduce and reuse. 
The system we’ve created is a huge leap forward  - our refill packs contain less plastic than a standard powder scoop - but it’s not perfect. And that irks us. 
Recently, a customer asked us if they were able to send a empty refill pack back. Huge light bulb moment.
We thought about it for 0.002 seconds and realised it absolutely would be possible. We make and fill our product here in Australia, so all we needed was a little offshoot of the system we’ve already created. 
We spent some time testing and tweaking, and now, it’s with excessive excitement that we introduce to you the Refill, Return program. 
Here’s how it works: 
Subscribing customers send a reply to their first order saying they would like to be part of the refill return program. We add that information to their account, and exchange all the necessary little details.  
The first two orders will contain brand new refill packs, as we’re going to need something to recycle. When a couple of refill packs have been collected, customers return them to us with their lids on, via post. 
We fill the used refill packs in bulk, replace the lids if necessary, and when the time comes to mail out new refill packs to customers who are a part of our program. 
Voila! We’re getting very close to a zero waste system. 

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  • I was wondering as the packets are so lovely, I wondered how to dispose of them. Should I put them into our recycle bin?

    Robyn Burke on

  • I would like to be part of the refill program. At the moment I’m on automatic delivery. I also need a new bottle as I gave mine to my son who moved out. Also gave him a refill so might need to up my order but will see how. Go.

    Christina Charge on

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