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As our refill returners know, if you're part of our refill return program you receive packs that aren't on their first life. They've been returned to us, washed and sanitised, refilled and sent out again. 

It's all part of our clo-the-sed loop system to make sure we are cutting out all unnecessary waste.

When the packs are returned to us, we rule any out with damage or cracks that are unfit to be reused. Despite our quality checks, there was no way of us seeing how many times a pack has been reused.... 

..Until now.

Say hello to our refill return stickers!

We now add one of our little stickers to your packs so you can see how many times it has been given a new lease of life. This means we can track how many times they’ve been reused and ensure we test older ones thoroughly to make sure they’re fully functional.

The truth is, we don’t know how many times they’ll be able to be reused yet. At least three and who knows how many more!? 

We've printed up to 4th life stickers so far, but imagine in a decade's time; we could have 20th life or even 30th life stickers. Time will tell!

Any packs that aren’t in a good enough condition to be reused are sent to Terra cycle so they’ll still avoid going into landfill. 

Want to be join our amazing refill returners? Just reply to your order confirmation or email us at: and let us know you want to be part of our cycle - and join the Refill Return program.

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