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We've made some great updates to the design of our refill packs, that we're absolutely busting to share. 

We've always loved our refill packs. More specifically, we like the way they carry liquid in such a way that they reduce the plastic required by up to 90%. We also like the ease at which they can be posted by us, and returned in a letter size envelope, making it economical for our customers. 

There is lots that's working.
But there are some things that are not. 

They don't stand on their own.
This meant we needed to create excess packaging to stand them up. We've corrected this error, by adding in a gusset at the bottom - meaning they can stand alone. 

They don't go the distance - on the third or fourth time. 
Thanks to our refill return program, we're now sending out some packs for the third or fourth time. We've had some time to assess their ability to go endure multiple fills. We're sad to say, that the combination of the detergent, and the sometimes wild ride through the post has lead us to believe that they're not strong enough. 

So, we've made the foil slightly thicker and we've increased the seal margin. We haven't changed the lid at all, which is important for a seamless transition from our existing refill packs to our new ones. 

Which brings us to our next point. We're not discarding the old refill packs. We ask that any customers who still have refill packs that they've saved, to continue to send them back if that were the plan. 

We have enough lids, and enough stands to make sure that these are not wasted. We will keep using them for as long as we deem them able to make the distance.


We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new design. 


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