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Plastic-free July is a great time to give a plastic-free life a good go. We know that because we’re on Instagram too. We’ve watched all the trials and tribulations of our followers and the people we follow.

Going plastic-free is hard. It’s like learning to ride a bike, except even when you know how to do it, you’ll never really stop falling off. #plasticfailjuly

We’re so happy to see so many people in our world, just trying; better is better than perfect.
#theplasticfreetryhards. The issue (in our eyes) comes down to not only being trained to carry a reusable toolkit but also knowing where to find the tools to put in it to start with.
While it’s Plastic-Free July and we all have our training wheels on, it’s a better time than ever to introduce you to some amazing people leading the charge on Plastic-Free alternatives to common household single-use solutions.

Kappi Life
Kappi is for the eco-warrior inside all of us for they provide sustainable, affordable and stylish alternatives for some of the worst contributors to the planets plastic waste epidemic - think straws, toothbrushes, plastic bags.

Good & Clean
100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare with a difference. Good & Clean packages all of their products in glass or aluminum to cut unneeded plastic from your skincare. They also donate 10% of every sale to your choice of conservation project.

Who Gives a Crap
Toilet paper that builds toilets. Who Gives a Crap is 100% recycled toilet paper that’s been voted Australia’s number one toilet paper. It’s delivered straight to your door so it’s yet another thing you don’t have to think about again. 

Step aside cling wrap. We’ve got the perfect solution.
Handcrafted in South Australia using 100% cotton, either local filtered beeswax or plant-based wax for a vegan-friendly alternative made from tree resin and jojoba oil, these stunning food wraps are a must for every household.

Seed and Sprout
Seed and Sprout supply a huge range of options to help make replacing plastics a breeze. They're especially well known for their Farmers Market Bag Set and stainless steel lunch boxes. 
On the off chance you've read this far but still don't know about the impact of plastics, here's a quick refresher: 
We’ve teamed up with the legends of plastic-free alternatives above to create the ultimate giveaways of giveaways - the go-to of Kickstarter packs, the behemoth of help in plastic-free living.

So with that, keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for your chance to win the ultimate giveaway towards the end of this month.

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