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Our closed loop system works because you guys make it work. 

We give you great products, you send us back your packaging, we refill it and start the cycle again. The impact keeps getting greater, with every new person that participates. 

We're always sourcing new ways to keep this momentum up. About four months ago we launched reply paid envelopes which you can purchase with any order to make the sending back process a breeze. 

Now we've found a way to make that free, for those who are really into it. 

Introducing our new loyalty program - GROUNDBREAKERS. 

Groundbreakers is points led program. You can earn points either by shopping, referring, or sending back your refill packs. 

Once you have collected enough points, you can spend them in the form of discount vouchers for free products such as reply paid envelopes. The vouchers will be unlocked in $5 increments. 

If you're already signed up with us, and have set a password for your account then you'll be able to login to your Groundbreakers account through the login button on the top right, or the widget on the bottom right of the screen. 

Once logged in, interact with the program through the widget.  

If you haven't signed up click login (top right), and then follow the prompts. 

We're so excited to hear how you like the program. Please note, this is a beta program, so all feedback and suggestions on how to make it more robust, are absolutely welcome! 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

*nitty gritty reward details* 

Earn points
10 points per $1 spent
500 points for refill returned with 4 or more packs
250 points for referral with $5 off voucher for friend

Spend points
1000 points = $5 or free envelope 
2000 points = $10 or free refill pack 
5000 points = $25 or free pegs  
10 000 points = $50 or free almost anything 


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