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Did you know that by 2050 plastic will likely outweigh fish in the sea?
Plastic has long since been a bugbear to us. It is why we created a liquid laundry detergent that’s a great alternative to options currently out there, because, amongst other things, it reduces up to 90% of plastic from the wash cycle. 
How did we get to that 90%? 
Well, a refill pack containing 30 loads, weighs 15g. That’s 0.5 g of plastic per load
We compared this to a supermarket brand, which commonly has 20 loads per litre. These 1L bottles weigh about 100 g, meaning there’s about 5 g of plastic per load. Dirt uses 4.5g less plastic per load, or 1/10th, or 90% less plastic per load. 
We recently got challenged to “measure” our potential impact, which we were really excited to do. 
To share the result, we need to come clean on our company target; convince just 1% of households who currently buy liquid detergent, to take a load off the planet, and switch to Dirt by the end of 2019. 
How would that play out in terms of impact? 
  • Well, there are more than 8.4 million households in Australia (ABS, 2016). 
  • About half clean with liquid, and half powder (we’ve documented this thoroughly in our blog post, Liquid vs. Powder). 
  • According to our purchase behaviour, people do on average 6-7 washes a week. We’ve decided to play it safe, and assume on average people do 5 loads, accounting for detergent overdoses [4 pumps people!]. 
  • This means, 1,094,600,000 liquid laundry detergent loads are completed annually in Australia. 
  • By our logic, before Dirt, Australian liquid laundry detergent was responsible for consuming 5,473 tonnes of plastic annually. 
  • One percent of these households (our target) are responsible for 54.73 tonnes of plastic being produced. 
  • If they cleaned with Dirt, they instead would be responsible for 5.47 tonnes of plastic being produced. 
TLDR; If just 1% of people currently buying liquid jugs of detergent at the supermarket switched to Dirt, we’d save 49.25 tonnes of plastic from ever being manufactured, every year
That’s assuming no customers engage in our refill return program, which we know you great people definitely do. We get that this is simple maths, that doesn’t account for every variable, but, damn people! Small changes really do add up to make a big difference. 
Post script. 
Funner facts; 49 tonnes of plastic is the equivalent of bout 10 orcas, or 49 great white sharks, or 250 dolphins. Or just heaps and heaps. 
#Saynotobigjugs #cleanwithdirt. 

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