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Mirt is a Mini bottle of Dirt. It's the cutest, smallest, and most loveable bottle of laundry detergent you ever did see. 

You can do so much with Mirt. Pop it in there and be sure a stain will never get the better of you while you're travelling. 

Or, if you prefer, keep Mirt at home, in case you ever have an "oh s**t, I forgot to order laundry detergent" moment. 

If you're really generous, you can use Mirt to introduce Dirt to your friends; match-making if you will. Maybe not. 

The reason we're telling you about Mirt (apart from because we're clearly OBSESSED with its cuteness), is because we want to share Mirt with you, our dear detergent friends. 

If you are a subscriber, or you subscribe today you'll get one without lifting a finger (so long as your next order is processed before December 31st 2018). 

If you are a one-at-a-time type purchaser, just make sure you add the code "GIMMIEMIRT", at checkout, and we'll pop one in with your order. If you are doing it this way, just make sure you order before October 30th. Each code is only valid once. 

We've shared many bottles of Mirt this year. They've been a good, clean, fun addition to events pulled together by several friends including Ahimsa, Breaky for Boobies, Big Little Brush and other wonderful businesses.  

More recently, we collaborated with Kuwaii, and gave these mini bottles of Dirt to their in-store customers, as part of their Wear, Care, Repair campaign. If you're not much of an Online orderer, you'll be able to find Mirt in their stores until the end of the month! 

Happy washing! 

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  • Hey I am already a massive fan of dirt and only use dirt now and rave about it to all my friends and clients. I was wondering if I can purchase the mini bottles of dirt to hand out to my friends and clients so they can try then hopefully they too will become loyal to you and help save the environment at the same time.
    I truly have never used a product as awesome as yours, I only have white sheets and towels that I had to use bleach to keep them white, your product gets them whiter a
    Than white and that’s what sold me.
    If I can purchase the mini what is the cost? I am ready to place my order now😊💁🏻

    Zigrid on

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