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I'm a big "less but better" type. I prefer quality of quantity. And my purchases reflect that. There are loads of boring upsides; it's more economical, I have more physical space bla. bla. etc.etc. The more motivating, if not thrilling upside, is that I am deeply committed to, and in love with, almost everything in my home. 

I have salt and pepper shakers that make me want to season my oats. I own a watering can that I would happily use to serve water to the Queen. And I obviously sleep cuddling my laundry detergent. 

Which is why, I was so delighted to discover one of my now all time favourite brands, Kuwaii, a little while back. They are purveyors of the quality over quantity philosophy. The words in their mission statement sum up their position perfectly: Beautiful, timeless clothing, made to last.  

A brand after my own heart, boy do they deliver on their mission. I wore a Kuwaii jumper about twice a week over winter, and don't want to take it off,  even as it heats up.  

A few months ago, I found myself having coffee with Kristy, the founder and designer behind the brand. She's trendy, humble, and utterly delightful. You might remember our lonely socks bags, made from fabric off-cuts Kristy gave to us. 

We discussed this shared philosophy, and the challenges of abiding by it, both as business owners, and each other's customers. Because challenging it is.

It's not just a matter of identifying quality (we've all been led astray), but caring for the things you love. Washing things properly. Storing things properly. Repairing things that are broken (radical!). It's is all a part of this lifestyle. 

Kuwaii have released a 'Wear. Care. Repair.' guide, that helps educate their customers on how to extend the life of their clothing.

With each purchase made in store, they're also going to give out the CUTEST mini bottle of Dirt you've ever seen. Part of caring for clothing is washing it with the right detergent, so it only makes sense we were are a part of it. 

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