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Sometimes, returned packaging makes its way back to us in the company of a note of encouragement. “Thanks for helping the planet” or “We love your work”. These little notes of Kudos make our day, they keep us striving to make our systems of change even bigger, better and more robust. 

But here’s the thing; we wouldn’t even have an opportunity to make this change without YOUR help and participation. So it seems slightly skewed that we get all the thanks. We think that everybody should share in the joy of being thanked for going that little extra mile for the planet. 

So this week, we’re launching a little campaign that enables exactly that to happen.

All refill returners will receive a blank Kudos Card in their next order.

Save it, and when you send back your packaging, fill it out with the intended recipient - a total stranger who is also participating in our program. We'll include it in with their order and hopefully it’ll put as big a smile on their face as it did on ours! 

What to write… that’s up to you. Say thank you, write a nice message, you can even draw a picture if that’s your thing. Anything that will make someone smile!

Printed on recycled paper, there are only 1000 of these entering circulation this week.

It’ll be a few weeks before we start to see Kudos cards from fellow refill returners start to enter the system. If you’re lucky enough to receive one, or if you post one out to a fellow planetarium take a snap and let us know about it. We’ll share our favourites on Instagram! 

If you want to receive a Kudos Card, make sure you’re a part of our refill return program!

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