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We're a unique bunch here in the land down under. Especially in the summer, when our lives are defined by flies, heat, and getting to a watering hole.

So when it comes to laundry, us Aussies find ourselves asking questions that probably wont be covered on the garment care label. Like; will washing machines remove grass burrs? Or what is the optimum temperature for removing sunscreen. 

Don't worry, we've got your back for some of these more curly questions. 

How often do I have to wash bathers? 

Every 3-5 wears will have you more than covered. Representatives from Patagonia, REI and Fair Harbor all agree that suits don’t need to be washed every time you wear them (the exception is if you're swimming in chlorine water). 

Just make sure you rinse them and are air-drying them inside out in the sun when you take them off. This will prevent both mild bacteria growth and fading. 

What about wetsuits? 

Make sure you rinse them every-time you wear them, and then hang them in the SHADE. Salt and sun are not neoprene's greatest friend, they'll shorten the life of the wettie.

Because you are shade drying them, start with them inside out (the way you pull them off), and then turn them the right way in (the way you put them on), and continue to dry. This part of the process is just as essential as the rinse, and if you think about it - wont actually cost you any more time. 

When you do wash them, keep the detergent dosage light, and the temp cool (unless you're peeing in them - in which case we suggest luke warm).

You should only really need to wash them a couple of times per surf season. 

Can washing machines remove grass burrs? 

The short answer, don't count on it. They'll help you shake out the last of it, but that's really all.

There are a couple of reasons why.

One; it's only really friction that can remove burrs (detergent wont help much here) and two, the water only gets dumped out of the machine 2 or 3 times throughout the load - so with solids like burrs, the machines might dislodge part of it, only to move it to a new location. 

It's annoying, but it pays to pick them out before they go in the machine. 

Grey water - can we? 

With our detergent, absolutely yes. All our active cleaning ingredients are plant based or organic. Our formula contains no phosphates, and all ingredients are 100% biodegradable.  

Dirt is greywater safe and can be used on your garden at *reasonable usage levels*.
*It's important to remember that Dirt is a detergent, designed to tackle muck and bacteria, so you shouldn't be soaking your garden in it!

The Australian Government highlight that wastewater needs to be applied in balance to the amount of water, solid material and nutrients that your plants and soil can absorb everything. This will ensure that your grey water will not harm your plants or garden.* See references below for more info. 


Zinc, sunscreen spills, how to deal? 

1. Remove as much excess sunscreen / zinc from the affected area as you can, then blot it with a dry cloth. 

2. Sprinkle either bi-carb soda or cornflour over the stained area to absorb excess oils. Give it about 30 minutes before brushing off

3. Brush off any excess powder then rub some Dirt into the stain. 

4. Soak your clothing in warm water mixed with detergent for up to 30 minutes, then rinse it with clean water once this time has expired. 

5. If you’ve done all this, then it’s fine to be laundered with the rest of your clothes

Happy Summering! 


Grey water guides. 
1. https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/greywater-recycling-water-at-home
2. http://www.yourhome.gov.au/water/wastewater-reuse 







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