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We need to tell you about our friend Brian. 

We know him from the local manufacturing scene, he used to make detergent for the restaurant industry in Melbourne.

When the industry was closed, Brian used his chemical prowess to create very effective hand sanitiser. 

It has an ethanol content of 70%, making it effective on 99.9% of germs. 

 It also contains a specialised Bactericide that creates an extra protective barrier on your hands (the stuff that feels a little sticky before it dries).

Double trouble for the germs.

We asked Brian to let us have some, because personally, we were finding the supply issues tough, and prices for hand sanitiser a little extreme.

He said yes! So here we are. 

The hand sanitiser is made in Melbourne and has been packaged into Dirt refill packs that have been relabelled, so we're able to bring them to you at a great price, and quickly.  

We're selling 500ml for $15. 

You can use this refill pack to fill up an empty bottle of sanitiser, or just an empty bottle of something you're not using
(you can relabel it with an orange sticker we will provide you). 

Because hand sanitiser is flammable, you can only purchase one per order as per Australia Post's rules. 

If you're not a household and 500ml just wont do, please email us at, and we'll help you out! 


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