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It's been seven months since we launched Dirt Laundry detergent. We've been so chuffed by all the reviews shared about our product. 
Equally we've been surprised about one of the strongest themes to emerge from the feedback; that Dirt’s been seriously great for people with sensitive skin.
"When you have a child who has such sensitive skin and eczema of the kind that involves hospital and specialist visits you take environmental allergens and irritants very seriously.  Every time we change a product or bring something new in contact with her skin we wait with bated breath to see if it is as pure and gentle as they claim.  Dirt delivered on all fronts from being kind to her skin, having only a hint of fresh, natural fragrance and also, importantly, actually doing a great job of our laundry.   It makes us happy to find a brand we can trust and that is made in Australia."- Vidi C

"My daughter's eczema returned this winter, after we had changed laundry powder. When we then changed washing detergent to Dirt and the eczema became controlled again. Thank you Dirt!"- Elizabeth L

"I just wanted to email and express my heartfelt congratulations and THANK YOU for creating the best laundry liquid available. Since arriving here from NZ, we struggled to find a laundry liquid that is natural and has sustainable practices behind its manufacture. You have nailed it! For months I have struggled with a random hard hit of eczema, I read your note upon opening our Dirt package and had the 'ah, ha' moment note mentioning fabric softeners - two weeks later (with only using Dirt laundry liquid) my skin is as good as new and funnily enough our clothes are as soft as ever?! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep doing what you are doing because it is magic - and as an added bonus our laundry is looking so much better with the gorgeous stainless steel standing proudly on the window ledge."- Anna M

"I've been using eco friendly detergents for the best part of 15 years, as I became quite sensitive to regular detergents. The down side of this has been the sub standard stain removal and general cleanliness of the washing (becomes a little grey). 'Dirt' has been nothing short of 'FANTASTIC'. To my complete surprise, it removed an old blood stain that I couldn't get out...amazing stuff. Thank you" - Kate T 

Now, we must add here that although we developed Dirt with the most pure and powerful ingredients we could find - we did not set out formulate a 'sensitive skin' detergent specifically.
So what is it about Dirt that makes it so good for people with sensitive skin? 
To answer this question, we’re going to have to delve into a confusing world of ingredients and claims. In case you 'just can’t' with so many words, we’ll start with the conclusion and work backwards. 
Dirt's working on many skin types, including sensitive, because we use high grade active ingredients in moderation, we leave out all ingredients for show (brighteners and bleaches) and  we make it easy for you to measure dosage so you can be sure what you use will be washed out. 
You’ll get dirt clean, not squeaky obsessive sparkle overpoweringly smelly nice clean. Well, that’s what we’re going for. 

Want more details? 
There are several ingredients that cause skin irritation.

Bleach breaks up large grime molecules into smaller, colourless ones, making the grime harder to see, and easier for the surfactants to wash away. If it’s not all washed away, it can cause skin irritation because it’s highly corrosive. Dirt does not contain bleach. 
Optical brighteners: Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals that help remove the yellow colour from your clothes (without actually making your clothes cleaner). These chemicals are designed to remain on the clothes (to mask colour), so they are in constant contact with your skin and may irritate it. Dirt does not contain optical brighteners. 
Soap / Surfactants: Surfactants help to remove the daily grime from your clothes by surrounding the soil particles, effectively lifting it from your clothes.
They are the active ingredient in almost every household cleaning product. These chemicals can cause skin irritation when left on the skin because they strip it of natural oils. Common surfactants include sodium lauyrl sulfate and sodium coco sulfate.  Our main surfactant is Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, it’s a naturally derived (some are petroleum derived) milder alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate. 
Fragrances: Fragrances often contain allergens that bring on rashes. This is true for synthetic and natural fragrances. Our product contains a natural fragrance, made up of eucalyptus oil, citrus oil, and peppermint oil. We only add a very small amount of fragrance to our laundry, it’s a hint of a fresh when you pull the clothes out of the machine rather than a whack over the head type smell.  
Enzymes: Enzymes are responsible for breaking biological matter down. There is a common belief that enzymes can cause skin irritation, however recent studies have ruled out any cause and effect. Our product contains sustainably sourced organic enzymes that are extremely high performing, and when used as instructed will wash out completely in the washing cycle, so either way no skin irritation should occur on their behalf. 
Preservatives: Preservatives are necessary to extend the shelf life of cleaning products, from a matter of days, to a matter of years. Preservatives are a common allergen, present in almost every product. Because we've reduced the dilution of the formula, we use small amount of
a strong preservative called Methychiorlsothiazolinone. It makes up less than 0.2% of our concentrate. It's in this way we minimise the chances of preservative residue being left on your clothes or skin. 

You’re probably starting to detect a theme in the way we select the ingredients we’ve deemed necessary for performance, but run a risk of skin irritation. 
We use extremely high grade, organic or natural varieties of ingredients wherever possible. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been told we should replace an ingredient with something cheaper and almost as effective we’d have heaps of money, at least $5. 
Moreover our pump system ensures that you can measure exactly what you need, so you’ll never have excess chemicals in your machine that will create a residue on your clothes. We really believe this is the kicker. It’s so easy to get the dosage wrong when you free pour. If you use too much detergent you’ll almost always be left with chemical residue on your clothes that may irritate your skin. 


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  • I couldn’t be happier with the product. Apart from being the most eco friendly, economical & effective laundry detergent I’ve found it also works well as a kitchen detergent, surface cleaner and even a perfectly suitable shampoo!! Next I’ll test it as a hand & body wash. I’m sold! My sincere thanks to The Dirt company team.

    Sally Picker on

  • Just did my first wash with “Dirt Laundry detergent” and love the way my towels and clothes feel, very impressed, will definitely spread the work. Thank you for a great product.

    Zita O'Carroll on

  • Get real DIRT any company that uses cheap preservatives in their liquid laundry products are no good, you use methychiorlsothiazolinone, one of the worst for contact dermatitis reactions since 2013. Its what all the big names use to remain cheap in the supermarkets. I’ve done my research and there are plenty of companies using alcohol or sugar cane and citrus for this. So Dirt use a eco friendly preservative that causes no harm in humans not a cheap one like the big names. Why do I care?? I have family member who has been properly tested and is highly allergic to this cheap preservative in all its shapes and forms, they can’t use anything that has this in it not just laundry detergent. I have become really good at seeking out real eco friendly products not just the ones that say they are, like you Dirt. Your website it looks great sprouts on about all the right things but is a let down as you use a cheap preservative. Won’t be buying your products as I can’t use them.!!!!!!

    Jackie on

  • Received my starter pack today. Couldn’t wait to get home to try. Using rainwater so most supermarket brands way too foamy, even when I reduce drastically. Dirt laundry detergent cleaned beautifully, easy to dispense the correct amount, leaving my clothes clean, fresh and soft with no foamy residue. Will definitely be buying more!!!!!!!

    Deb Warner.deb on

  • This is my first order since trialling the Starter pack. I didn’t think I could so excited by clothes washing liquid and the fact your company is Australian, but, I DID!!! The product produces results superior to any other product I have used before. I admire your whole concept and am very grateful for the quality of the product plus the easy to use pump container. I have one question, do you have a suggestion for staining on collars of shirts that offen are difficult to wash out in a normal wash? I would like to avoid using the current sprays on the market. Thank you & all the best for your Company. Sincerely Mary Cannell

    Mary Cannell on

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