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Have you ever wondered how much time you've spent standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear?  Think about all those 'nothing to wear', 'no clean clothes', 'no clothes you like,' ‘doesn’t work’ and 'meh’ moments combined. 
Humour us, take a stab at how many days, weeks or months these micro moments add up to over the course of a lifetime. 


If you, like us, guessed a couple of days, or weeks or months - you would be colossally wrong. 
The answer, is 287 days, nearly a year of your life is spent pondering in front of your wardrobe. 
These results have come from a study put together by Matalan, who polled nearly 2,500 female adults (16-60). 
According to the study master experts, average women spend 16 minutes every weekday morning deciding what to wear and around 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Their intel doesn't stop there. If you’re on your way out on a Friday or Saturday night, you can increase the above figure to 20 minutes. If you’re going on holiday, expect to spend 52 minutes deciding what to take. 
That is a tonne of time wasted on a wardrobe.
Surely there's a business idea in this problem somewhere. 
**update** Someone has invented a solution to our problem, in the form of a little app called Cladwell. You can upload the items in your wardrobe into the app, and it'll pair and rotate outfits for you... how intriguing. 

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