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Spring has finally sprung, our bodies are beginning to thaw out and the days are getting brighter earlier. We’re excited.

Spring also happens to be the time of year you know you have to clean out your house.

Certainly, if you’re a detailer you’ll need no help. But if you’re like us (smart lazy ambassadors) then you’ll probably appreciate these five quick hacks to help get you over the line this spring.

1. Go reverse shopping
Take a bag and shop around your house for things you no longer use, need or want and once the bag is filled take it to your local salvos.

2. Hang out your doona in the breeze
Freshen up your doona with airing it out in fresh air.

Clean up your contacts
Spend 10 minutes while your on the couch spring cleaning out your contacts, notes, photos and apps list.

Move your winter coats into storage
Hello, extra closet space.

5. Clean up your inbox
Unsubscribe to all the email lists you’ve subscribed to (except Dirt).
There’s a free service called Unroll.me which is a total gamechanger.

Happy (Spring) cleaning folks.

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